Mrauk U is the old capital of the powerful Arakan kingdom with a 3,000-year-old history. In the 16th century Mrauk U was a large and important free port. Today it is Myanmar’s second-most-famous archaeological site with several extremely interesting buildings and temples made from stone, not brick. One of the most impressive temples is the enormous Shittaung Temple that enshrines 80,000 images of Buddha and has over 1,000 Buddhist images engraved on its interior walls.

Shit-Thaung Temple

Shit-Thaung Temple: An ancient temple, located in Mrauk U, Shit-Thaung means 80,000 Buddha images and reliefs which was built by one of the most powerful kings of the Mrauk U Dynasty.

Andaw-Thein Temple

Andaw-Thein Temple: While Shit-Taung features three square passages inside the temple, Andaw-Thein got two passages around an eight side pillar, which supports the roof.

Htaukkhan-Thein Temple

Htaukkhan-Thein Temple: It is a very impressive temple with a spiral passage, which leads to an egg-shaped Buddha chamber. The tall entranceway on the east side admits light into this chamber. From outside it really looks like a huge bunker and would have easily provided a good hideaway for refugees. Koe-Thaung Temple: Koe-Thaung means the number of 90,000 Buddha images. There are a few other interesting temples surrounding Koe-Thaung – which is one of the further sites in Mrauk U. From here we will visit: The semi-destroyed Pisie Paya: It is located east of Phra-ouk Pagoda and offers a nice hilltop view of Koe-Thaung Temple.

Mong-khong Shwegu Pagoda

Mong-khong Shwegu Pagoda: It was donated by Queen Nat Shun May in 16th century, a nice excursion on the way back to town.

Sakya Mar-aung Pagoda

Sakya Mar-aung Pagoda: This pagoda shows distinct Bamar and Shan architectural influences. The lower half of this 280 feet high pagoda is octagonal; the higher portion circular and topped by a decorative ‘hti’, or umbrella.

Latt-Saykan Gate

Latt-Saykan Gate: (artificial lake with city wall and a gate) Once it was one of the main gates into the city; the little remains of the outer walls is of particular interest. Immediately on the other side of the gate is Latt-Say Lake, a picturesque stretch of water that was Mrauk U’s main reservoir.

Mahabandoola Kyaung

Mahabandoola Kyaung: This sprawling monastery straddles several hills, and is said to hold a Buddha tooth relic. Artefacts that can be found in the monastery are exhibited in various rooms.

Sanda Muni Buddha Image

Sanda Muni Buddha Image: Sanda Muni is located in Maha Bandoola Kyaung. Some Buddha images were cast in copper instead of gold, but Sanda Muni Buddha Images were cast in the proportionate metal-mixing method, therefore, the Buddha image is glittering like gold.

Ratna Mar-aung Pagoda

Ratna Mar-aung Pagoda: It is about half a mile away, has a similar design though, it also has a more modern construction next to it with a large Buddha statue, and an unassuming souvenir shop. End of the day we will catch the sunset from Shwegu Taung. From here you can enjoy a good view over Mrauk U city.