Human beings experience pain and suffering in relationships, in families, in work, in politics and in others. We all get it wrong a lot and face challenging disconnects - relational ruptures, betrayals and disappointments. What really matters is how we “hang in” through the disconnects, how we stay energized and faithful to our shared vision, how we persist and keep moving forward. Here is about how we car each other in our circle of “Mighty”. 

Since 15th July 2017 here in The Mighty Myanmar Travel company we introduced a program called “Story Night” and introduced among the team members to keep in mind that we are “WITH YOU”.

We invited two among the team members to perform as speakers and the rest of us listen. Just listen and take in what is saying and feeling and being. Silence our own mind to receive theirs! After one year of this practice in our organization - we came to see our formed circle - holding all of us, with love and compassion. It not only warmed us but surrounded and held us all, infusing each of us with a certain clarity. Each became part of the whole, no longer separate. Yes, we practice a new way of being with others in our life, in deep listening, and a new way of speaking that vibrates with the ring of shared truth. We bathe in the well of compassion.

When the turn of our two youngest team members fell on the 28th of November 2019, they shared their personal life’s stories between us. We offered our presence, listening deeply and being with the person in a mindful way that seemed to allow the creative energies of communion.

Suffering alone, in isolation, spreads more suffering around; suffering with others - with caring for others who have been through their own suffering and will listen - offers peace.

Mr Nyein Chan Ko, Outbound Tour Department, and Ms Wah Wah Aung, Finance Department, seemed to understand that the most important solace and refuge was in staying close and being with.

This is how we form a circle as a caring environment in The Mighty Myanmar Travel and pick up the pieces of “WE”.