Most of the people think that visiting to someplace during raining season (June to September) is sucked especially the rain disturbs the whole trip. But it is not always true in Southeast Asian countries, especially Myanmar. it rains a lot in Myanmar doesn't mean your trip is ruined, it means a lot of profit come when you have some knowledge about the nature of Myanmar. Here are some five reasons you should know about Myanmar.

  1. One of the top-rated, a must goes visiting site of Myanmar is Bagan, a place with thousands of Pagoda, and it is situated in the middle part of Myanmar where normally it has hot and dry weather. But in the rainy season, it cools down with few rain. Plus, the clouds are very beautiful in that time so the scenery is super stunning.
  2. There is also not much rain in Mandalay, the second largest capital city in Myanmar and the place where the last kingdom lived. It is the cultural center of Myanmar, and also it is the place where the world largest book exists. I'm sure you shouldn't let them pass.
  3. Another high rank place for traveling is a world known Inle Lake, located in the Shan State, where you don't need to count on the weather for visiting. Inside that huge fresh water lake, you can visit local bazaar on the numerous small boats, floating tomatoes farms, and legendary leg-rowing villagers (Inn Thar).
  4. Yes, it is rainy season, the weather became cool and chill, and the local fresh and warm delicious cuisine plays important part of the journey. Some yummy dishes you shouldn't miss are Mote-Hin-Khar (rice vermicelli with fish soup), Khauk-Nyin-Paung (sticky rice with dried fish), and La-Phat-Thoke (tea leaves salad) with Burmese green tea.
  5. Last but not least, one of the most important reason to visit Myanmar is that it is a peak-off season for tourists, the places do not crowd. And also, compare with the prices of Hotel and transportation charges (local airfares and private transportations) are comparatively cheaper than normal rate. That's one of the main reason you should visit to Myanmar.

So, eliminate your worry about traveling in rainy season, pack your bags, and prepare your trip. We are waiting to serve you.