Myanmar (Burma) is a virgin country for tourism. Like Rudyard Kipling said, "This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about." It is true, unlike other countries, Myanmar has many hidden beauties and the rich hospitality of Myanmar people is incredible. Similar to the Gregorian calendar, Myanmar Luna calendar contains twelve months. There's a festival in each month and all festivals are interesting. Myanmar is also known as Golden Land & the land of Pagoda. You can find thousands of richly gilded Pagodas all over the country. After visiting Myanmar, you will be templeout & stupefied! but you will remain with joy. Those pagodas stand for the witness of the rich culture and great historical background of the country. There are several reasons to come and visit Myanmar. Most of those who have been visited to Myanmar said despite of pagodas, scenic beauties and etc., feeling the rich hospitality of our Myanmar people is the best experience of the trip. So, do not hesitate, Do come & visit Myanmar as soon as the Covid -19 is over.